In Oaxaca, the food is a living representation of its culture, customs and traditions. This is at the root of Origen, where every ingredient has its place.

The person who has most inspired Rodolfo Castellanos is his mother, Evelia Reyes. From her, he inherited not only recipes and techniques, but an instinctive understanding of flavors and combinations.

The kitchen at Origen is the culmination of both his background and his life experience. His career is a journey that always returns with fondness to the authenticity of Oaxaca.

Rodolfo speaks his own culinary language, combining local techniques and creations from afar. He has great respect for tradition, and this is present in everything that he does to obtain the best flavors, and spoil his clients.

Oaxacans have the freshest and most flavorsome natural ingredients within their reach. Here, you can experience the changing seasons in the trees, the feasts, the food stalls, and at Origen.

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Origen Oaxca Rodolfo Castellanos
Origen Oaxaca


The kitchen at Origen is fresh, varied, and delicious. The numerous ingredients always reflect the region and season, the products that can be found at the local markets, ranches, farms, allotments, and seas of Oaxaca.

Rodolfo grew up with the flavors of the Valles Centrales of Oaxaca, but the ingredients and traditions of other regions in the state have also inspired his work. Mixteca, Costa, Istmo, Cañada, Papaloapan, Sierra Sur and Sierra Norte, Oaxaca is a universe of flavors and ecosystems to explore.

The work of local producers, farmers and fishermen are essential to Origen. Our kitchen is sustainable and ethical because we believe that the hard work and devotion behind the ingredients of each dish is invaluable.

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Origen Oaxaca
Origen Oaxaca

"Guelaguetza" is Zapotec for the act of sharing or giving, actions that are always present in Oaxaca.

The Chef’s Table with Rodolfo Castellanos is the best way to celebrate a special day, or to have a unique and exceptional culinary experience

Rodolfo will prepare a personalized menu for a group of eight to ten people, with seasonal ingredients and recipes composed especially for the occasion.

Creativity is the most important factor in this spontaneous event in which the food, the pairing, and the atmosphere will be inimitable.

Rodolfo and the team will take care of every detail of this delectable experience. Buen provecho, and welcome to the Origen family.

Reservation only from 8 to 10 people

It includes chef pairings

Private reservations to

8 days in advance

Origen Oaxaca
TEL. +52 (951) 501 1764
Ubicación Origen Oaxaca
Origen Oaxaca


Request a reservation here, we will check availability and soon we will respond with all the details.

* If you need a reservation for today, please call +52 (951) 501 1764

Monday - Saturday 1pm to 11pm
Sunday 1:30pm to 10pm

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To make a private reservation with a special menu of Rodolfo Castellanos, write to us with 8 days in advance.

Origen Oaxaca


Origen opened its doors to the public in 2011, and every step of the journey has helped to make it what it is today. In March 2016, Origen entered a new stage of its evolution when the chef Hugo Ortega and his restaurateur wife, Tracy Vaught, became co-owners of the space.

Hugo is from Mexico but moved to Houston in 1984. His career in the US has been built with dedication and a strong work ethic. This alliance has united two great advocates of traditional Mexican cooking.


Origen Oaxaca
Tel. +52 (951) 501 1764 Oaxaca, México.